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Birthday Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Mother Day


Yesterday was a day of celebration! It was mothers day and Devin’s birthday! We did the usual brunch with Devin’s family and barbeque for dinner with my family, but with some added birthday surprises and of course cake!

I knew we would already have a busy day visiting both sides, and although Devin was gracious in trying to surrender the day to our mothers, I definitely wanted him to feel special and most of all appreciated!

I love gift giving, but I think the BEST gifts of all are the heartfelt ones that cost little money and require more time and preparation.

I made sure I woke up early enough in the morning before Devin would wake in order to sneak downstairs and do some surprise birthday preparations! I was actually surprised I managed to creep out of the room and up and down the stairs multiple times without waking him (I am not very graceful or subtle!!). I hung some streamers and balloons just like my mom would do for us on our birthdays :) Then I set up his birthday beer cake (check some out – they’re a really cool idea for the men in your life)

Lastly there was a ‘oh how I appreciate you’ scavenger hunt that I set up throughout the house. This was a combination of the Dating Divas Why I love you morning and Jordan Ferney’s Postcard Birthday Poster with a few adjustments.

I took a large piece of bristol board and wrote out a message to Devin. I used the same message as Jordan Ferney, but instead of printing it out (I don’t have a very good printer ), I just drew it out, but you could write or draw anything, especially if you are artistic!

Birthday poster

Next you want to cut the poster board into equal rectangular pieces. The idea is to make it into a sort of puzzle that they will eventually put together.

On the back of each piece of the puzzle is where you will write a little message to your boyfriend or husband about why you appreciate them. You can decorate this side of each piece as much or as little as you would like. I kept it pretty simple with some coloured card stock in different colours.

Here are a few examples of what I wrote. The more heartfelt the better! Try and give examples whenever possible to make it more personal as well.


Appreciation Birthday Card

Appreciation Birthday Card

Appreciation birthday card


Now all the finished pieces to the puzzle can be hid the morning or night before his birthday! I hid them in places I new he frequents, such as the coffee maker, his closet, his sock drawer, his art studio. You can even hide them in his car or briefcase if he is going to work that day! Make some visible and some a bit more challenging. Once he finds all the pieces he can put them together to find a very heartfelt message from you!

This was all a big hit! Although I did add a bit of a surprise at the end. I had been watching Groupon around Christmas and bought him the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience! Two weeks from now we are taking a weekend trip up to London where he will get to race in an actual race car that goes up to 155 miles per hour around a race track for 14 laps! I can’t wait! When he opened the gift he said he was excited and scared at the same time! haha

I hope this was helpful (we all know how hard guys are to buy for!). I guarantee he will feel extra special!

Next I will share this delicious recipe for butter pecan cupcakes I made for Dessert on Devin’s birthday! Don’t forget to check us out at www.thesweetestthingbakery.ca

Cupcakes for an Artist