Recipe: Perfect Grilled Tri-tip

Grilled Tri-tip. Tri-tip, a flavorful and fairly lean boneless cut of beef from the bottom sirloin, is also called 'triangular' roast because of its shape. This grilled tri-tip recipe tastes gourmet, but is actually very easy to make. It's a perfect dinner for guests.

Grilled Tri-tip Tri-tip is a cut of steak sliced from the bottom sirloin. It is relatively inexpensive, has great flavor, and grills easily. Tri-tip is a lean cut of steak with a mild beef flavor and tapered shape. You can have Grilled Tri-tip using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Grilled Tri-tip

  1. It's 1 of -Tri-tip.
  2. Prepare of Sucklebusters SPG (salt,pepper,garlic).
  3. You need of Sucklebusters 2 pig mafia steak seasoning.

A grilled Tri-tip is a favorite for every steak enthusiast. Grilled tri-tip roast is bound to satisfy all preferences, from the "I like it rare" to the "no pink for me", all in one cut of beef. The steak-like quality makes grilling tri-tip steaks, either for the family or a special celebration, an enjoyable experience. Bobby Flay uses a unique outdoor grill with a winch that raises and lowers the rack to cook a pair of thick tri-tip steaks to perfection.

Grilled Tri-tip instructions

  1. Set grill to 225-250° and let heat up. If using charcoal or gas, set temp to medium.
  2. Cook indirect until internal temperature to 110-128.
  3. Take Tri-tip off grill and crank heat to 500+°. If using charcoal grill, you may need to add more at this point. Gas grill set to high..
  4. Once grill is at temp, place Tri-tip back on grill and sear for 2-4 minutes until desired internal temp is reached. 135° for rare/medium rare.
  5. Slice tri-tip against the grain, noting the grain switches on the smaller triangular portion. Slice the thickness of a pencil.

Tri tip is a cut of beef that is shaped like a triangle. It's a beef roast that comes from the bottom portion of the sirloin. A simple, rubbed down grilled tri-tip is really hard to beat by itself. In fact, I usually stick with the same method that made this cut so popular in Santa Maria. Tri-tips are great with a simple rub or salt, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper and then cooked slow over an indirect heat source.

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