How to Make Appetizing Multigrain sourdough bread

Multigrain sourdough bread. Get Multigrain Sourdough today with Drive Up, Pick Up or Same Day Delivery. A staple here now that I use Sourdough primarily. Feel free to change the sunflower seeds for other seeds or nuts, and the millet for quinoa or amarynth or other grain.

Multigrain sourdough bread This unusual sandwich bread has the chewy texture of an artisan loaf, rather than the soft/tender texture of a typical loaf-pan bread. Happily, this makes it perfect for sandwiches: easy to slice (no crumbling), and sturdy enough to pack for lunch. This sourdough bread recipe is an adaptation on my yeasted multigrain bread. You can cook Multigrain sourdough bread using 6 ingredients and 18 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Multigrain sourdough bread

  1. It's 3 kg of strong flour.
  2. You need 1,5 kg of multigrain whole-wheat flour.
  3. It's 2,5 l of water.
  4. You need 4 tbsp of salt.
  5. Prepare of sourdough starter.
  6. You need 6 loaf of pans of 1 kg.

A bread I made often before learning how to make sourdough bread. Remove the bread from the oven and place it on a rack to cool. Wholesome bread goes well with soup or as toast. This bread is one we decided for this month's Sourdough Bread Lovers Bake.

Multigrain sourdough bread instructions

  1. If you can't get any sourdough starter, here is the recipe, simple and easy!.
  2. Feed your starter, (that you have left from the last time you made bread) from the previous evening. Using a large bowl, mix it with half a litre of lukewarm water so that it dissolves completely. Then add half a kg strong flour, part of the amount that you will use the next day. Mix. Cover and let it sit someplace warm. You can add some honey at this stage if you aren't making this recipe vegan. I use 2-3 tbsp chestnut honey! It really helps the dough and you can taste its strong flavor in the baked bread. Some people use sugar that also helps the dough and doesn't have any flavor or any particular characteristic that might annoy those who are too picky!.
  3. The next day, place in a large bowlthe remaining 2 1/2 kg strong flour, 1 1/2 kg multigrain flour. Mix the flours..
  4. Add 1 l lukewarm water to the bowl with the sourdough starter and mix..
  5. Add the 4 tbsp salt to the second litre of lukewarm water and stir to dissolve. Set it aside. You will add it last to the mixture..
  6. Make a well in the flour and pour in the watered down sourdough starter. Mix..
  7. Add the water with the salt a while later..
  8. Knead for another 10-12 minutes (if for some reason the dough is firm, add very little water, half a handful a time. If the dough gets too soft and sticky, sprinkle a little more flour on it. But this is good for the bread it will get more fluffy!). At this point, add a little oil, if you want the crust to be more crispy and hard..
  9. Cover and set aside to rest for half an hour (as if it got tired working...)..
  10. Half an hour later, knead it a bit more, set aside to rest for a quarter of an hour and then place it on a surface lightly dusted with flour. Keep a piece (100-200 g) as a starter for the next bread that you will make..
  11. Cut 6 uniform pieces. Work them for a while spreading and folding them and form them into somewhat long shapes!.
  12. Place them into 1 kg bread pans. Oil them if they are not non-stick ones..
  13. Cover and keep warm for 2 hours in the summer. And in the winter 3! You want it to rise and practically fill the bread pan..
  14. Preheat the oven to full!! It should be really hot! Place a small empty baking tray at the bottom..
  15. Score the dough with a sharp knife or razor..
  16. Place it quickly in the bread pans and pour 1 cup of hot water in the baking try so that there is steam in the oven. Lower the temperature to 200°C and let them bake for 55 minutes..
  17. When the bread is out of the oven, cover it..
  18. Let it cool down gradually because it is still baking. Don't cut it while it is still hot!! (If it is possible...). Enjoy!.

Yes, we did bake a multigrain sourdough bread. I was planning to make multigrain sourdough bread for some time now using hot cereal mix. A hearty whole wheat bread with seeds and nuts. Uses the sourdough starter you have bubbling away on your counter (see separate recipe for starter). This takes most of the day, so start early in the morning.

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