Recipe: Tasty Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Pasta with Watercress

Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Pasta with Watercress. In a large skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add shallots and garlic; cook and stir until tender. Add tomatoes, wine, oregano, salt, pepper flakes and paprika; bring to a boil.

Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Pasta with Watercress Add basil and grape tomatoes and sauté for additional two minutes until slightly wilted. Off the heat, arrange the shrimp over the tomato sauce in an even layer. Crumble the feta over the shrimp, and then sprinkle with the oregano. You can cook Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Pasta with Watercress using 8 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Pasta with Watercress

  1. Prepare 100 g of penne pasta,.
  2. Prepare 1 pinch of salt,.
  3. It's 3 of small vine tomatoes, chopped,.
  4. You need 100 g of frozen shrimp (medium sized),.
  5. It's 1 handful of watercress, chopped roughly,.
  6. It's 63 g of reduced fat feta cheese, cut into small cubes,.
  7. You need 30 g of le roule garlic soft cheese,.
  8. It's of Cracked black pepper to season.

Add the shrimp back to the pan along with the lemon juice and zest, oregano, feta, and salt and pepper. Turn the heat off and stir in the watercress so that it wilts slightly. Divide between plates and top with the green parts of the scallion an more feta. This Cherry Tomato and Feta Baked Shrimp is such an easy, delicious meal!

Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Pasta with Watercress step by step

  1. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil and begin cooking the penne pasta according to packet instructions. Four minutes before the pasta is cooked through add in the frozen shrimp to cook along with the pasta, and then a minute before the pasta has finished cooking add in 9/10ths of the chopped watercress to blanche..
  2. Drain off the pasta, shrimp and watercress in a collender and set aside..
  3. Using the pan you cooked the pasta in (now drained of all water), add the tomatoes and feta cheese and then return the pasta, shrimp and watercress mix to the saucepan too. Gently stir everything together..
  4. Season with a couple of cracks of black pepper and add the le roule garlic soft cheese, again stir gently until the soft cheese melts over the warm pasta and coats it evenly..
  5. Serve up in a shallow bowl or plate and then garnish with the remaining watercress set aside from earlier..
  6. 415kcals per portion..

Sweet shrimp are roasted alongside plump cherry tomatoes, lots of garlic, and lemon juice. They're topped with a feta and breadcrumb mixture, baked and then served with crisp crostini or pasta. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the shrimp to a plate. Put shrimp in a mixing bowl. Arrange shrimp over tomato mixture in one layer.

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